6 Things I Save and Re-Use

6 Things I Save and Reuse www.thiscountryhome.com

In my quest to de-clutter and organize, I’ve come across quite a few things that I can’t help but think “Why the heck did I save that?!”  If I can’t remember why I was saving it, into the trash it goes.  Sometimes I later remember why and kick myself for not saving and re-using it.  Case in point; I’ve been saving the lids off of Little Miss’s wipe baggies and recycling the rest.  My plan is to make cute little ornaments with her picture inside . . . or maybe it was that I was saving them to make a countdown to Christmas calendar . . .  Have I made either of these things yet?  Nope, but I know the minute I throw them away, I’ll be upset because I’ll finally have the time to do those things or I’ll have some other perfect project for them!

One of my little projects this month is to organize my little piles of all the things I’m saving.  I have a crafting bookcase but it’s currently become the catch-all bookcase.  The plan is to clear it off, organize it with only things that should e on it and put all the little project idea knick-knacks in containers and label the containers.

While I’m organizing and going through things, there are a few items that I’m not planning on tossing.  Check out my list of things to re-use and save below:

Plastic Containers: I re-use my yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese containers.  They are great to send leftovers home with family members and leftovers we’re gonna keep.  They are also great for small painting projects or containing all those previously mentioned knick-knacks.

Coffee Cans: We save both the plastic ones and the cardboard ones.  They are good for storing screws, bolts, nuts and other miscellaneous doo-dads.  I also use them as feed scoops, veggie scrap containers and egg collector buckets.

Socks with Holes: I use these for deep cleaning projects and painting/staining projects.

Paper Bags: I don’t get many of these anymore, but when I do they come in handy.  I keep a few in the camper for trash bags and I bag up junk mail to burn.  My mom used to cut them up and use them as a cookie cooling sheet.

Plastic Bags: I mainly save these to recycle, but I also use them as trash bags in the bath and bedroom and when I’m cleaning the cat box, I also keep a few in the camper and in the vehicles.  Around the holidays they also make great stuffing material when you’re trying to disguise a smaller gift inside a larger box.

Gift Wrapping Materials:  At our house, we save gags, boxes, bows, tissue paper and ribbon.  I have enough girl themed bags from my baby shower and Little Miss’s birthday party that I may never have to buy any girl themed gift wrapping materials again!  Tissue paper comes in handy for everything from gift bags, gift box padding to gift boxes.

Here’s a bonus!

Newspaper: Newspaper comes in handy for the obvious – starting a fire!  But, I also keep it around to add padding to gift boxes, wrap fragile things, and clean windows.

What are some things you consistently save to re-use?

6 Things I Save and Reuse www.thiscountryhome.com

11 Replies to “6 Things I Save and Re-Use”

  1. Good advice, Jessie, but does it apply to outside the home, or is that still (and maybe forever) “man” territory? Just asking . . .

    1. Round these parts we don’t have “man” territory and “woman” territory it’s all “our” territory 😀 But good idea, I’ll have to write a post on all the things we save outside the home.

  2. I save the big plastic Costco jars that nuts come. One is the perfect size to contain my favorite granola recipe that I got from your Aunt Shannon. They are also good for storing dried beans. Turn them sideways and you can see what is in each jar and since they are all the same size, easy to see. 3-1/4″ x 4″ Shipping labels can be run through the printer to have a nice looking description of what is in the jar. For leftover food, I look for glass jars and reuse those, storing them by size.

    1. Big jars like that really come in handy and great idea using the shipping labels!

  3. The cottage cheese containers and others are sooo handy! I always save mine. And my dad has saved mayonnaise jars for his screws and nails for as long as I can remember.

    1. I didn’t think of the mayo jars, that is such a good idea!

  4. Hey Jessie,
    Great ideas! I used to save all my plastic containers but now I don’t and at holidays we are always looking for containers to send leftovers home in! I’ll start saving those again! I love reusing plastic grocery bags for liners in the bathrooms and in the campers are a really big help for dog poo, among other things. Lol!

    Great article,
    Michelle 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 It’s always a bummer when you send leftovers in your nice containers and then they never get returned!

  5. Tic Tac containers: I peel the labels off, wash, dry in the sun. Use for common dry cooking spices and store them for use in our travel trailer. Print labels, either stick-on or paper. Tape in place with clear packing tape for a smear proof label. My go to spices are: Cumin, Salt, Montreal Steak Seasoning, Garlic Powder, and Cinnamon. A rubber band holds them all together in one place. Clean empty prescription drug bottles wide enough to get a teaspoon in work for Baking Powder and Baking Soda.
    By-the-way, you have really helped motivate me to start clearing out things I have saved but haven’t touched in years. Kudos for fun stories about your country life.

    1. Nice! I buy several spices and my baking powder in bulk, I need to do this so I have some travel size spices in our camper. Thank you for the wonderful idea 🙂

      1. My pleasure. I enjoy reading your stories about your country life.

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