6 Easy Chores for Toddlers

6 easy chores that toddlers can help with around the country home -www.thiscountryhome.com

Chores. Seems like these days it’s kind of a controversial word. Some parents are totally against it, saying that their children can’t just be children if they’re busy doing chores all the time.  I gotta say I disagree.  After all, as parents – no pressure here –  but, we are responsible for shaping the next generation of adults.
Do we really want the next generation of adults to have no clue how to do laundry or hand wash dishes (I mean aren’t there already enough adults out there who can’t “adult”?).
Even though she is young ad doesn’t yet understand what the word “chore” even means, Little Miss already understands that we do certain tasks.  Anything we do that she can help with, she does.  Below are 6 simple chores we have her help with.

Taking her diapers to the trash. To clarify she doesn’t take ALL of her diapers to the trash, only the wet ones.  This one was a little tricky in the beginning because we had to teach her that her diaper goes in the trash and once it’s in there it’s gone forever.   In the beginning we made a big deal of praising her, now that she’s got the hang of it a simple “Good job thank you!” makes her feel proud.

Having her pick up things she’s dropped. Most of the time this involves cheerios or her blocks.  If she drops her cheerios all over the living room floor we make her pick them all up because it teaches her that if she makes a mess, she is responsible for cleaning it up.  This was another where in the beginning we would have her pick a cheerio up, ask her to take it to the trash, then verbally praise her.  Yes this can get tedious especially since when you’re little, everything must be done one by one by one by – you get the drift.  Now that she’s a little older the process isn’t as in depth and we can just ask her to pick up her cheerios and take them to the trash (if a few get eaten along the way . . . well floor cheerios never hurt anyone), then thank her.

Having her help put away her bath toys. After her bath we have her put her toys to bed.  She has farm animals, so I’ll tell her to put her pig (horse, cow, duck, etc.) to bed then wait for her to find the correct toy.  If she grabs the wrong one, no worries, I tell her it’s name and we put it to bed anyway.

Having her help pick up kindling and put it in the bucket. Before it snowed, we made a game of picking up kindling around our wood chopping area and putting it in the bucket to take inside.  For Christmas we bought her, her very own little galvanized bucket so she can carry it around.

Letting her help feed the chickens scratch.  She enjoys the chickens and letting her give them snacks instills that when you own animals, you are responsible for their care and making sure they eat.

Having her help unload feed.  This is more play for her, as she scoops feed from one buckets to another, then to another.  As well as keeping her occupied while we unload, we are trying to instill the importance of taking care of our animals.

Does doing these things with her sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time?  Yes.  Could we get them done faster on our own?  Of course.  but that’s not the point.  Someday this tiny little girl we’re raising, won’t be quite so tiny anymore and we want to give her some tools to help her succeed as an adult.  Plus, I wouldn’t trade the hours spent doing chores with her for the world!

What chores do your toddlers help with?

6 easy chores that toddlers can help with around the country home -www.thiscountryhome.com


6 Easy Chores for Toddlers - www.thiscountryhome.com

6 Replies to “6 Easy Chores for Toddlers”

  1. Fun stories about how little ones learn. They are so willing to help at this stage and it paves the way for future cooperation. What a cute Little Miss you have!

    1. Oh my gosh, she learns so incredibly quickly. If we don’t let her help, she gets SO upset so it’s really a win-win! Thank you, we think so too!

  2. Way to go mama! I definitely think you on the right track.

    1. Thanks, we sure hope so!

  3. What an awesome way to start teaching her at an early age. Great ideas!

    1. Thank you!

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