Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas - This Country Home

Easter is such a fun time for kids of all ages.  From Easter egg hunts and cool baskets, to playing with baby animals and yummy dinners, by the end of the day it’s no wonder they’re worn out!  The Easter bunny will be coming to our house soon and I want to make sure Little Miss has a really fun day.  I let the Easter bunny know that I’m more than willing to help out too ;-).  I decided I’d round-up a few ideas to create a toddler Easter basket ideas and share them with you.  We really don’t want to go the hard-core candy route yet (I’m guilty I did get a couple of chocolate bars!), so I searched Pinterest for some non-candy gift ideas.  Here’s what I came up with:

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Toddler Easter Basket Ideas - This Country Home

Non-Candy Gift Basket Ideas:

Kimberly at Natural Beach Living has put together a list of non-candy gifts ideas from babies to teenagers.

Kim over at Milk & Baby came up with this list of 21 baby Easter basket ideas.

Kara at Raising Nutrition came up with 98 non-food gift ideas for kids.

Emma over at The Northwest Momma created this huge list of 101 non-food Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers.

Anna at Celebrating a Simple Life created a great list filled with mostly homemade gift ideas for kids.

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas - This Country Home
See that cute little cow – how can you resist a cute little cow like that especially when it’s only $1?!

Country Themed Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

With so much inspiration I couldn’t wait to help the Easter Bunny make Little Misses Easter basket! We do have a pretty tight budget though so I needed to make sure I stayed on the frugal side.  By frugal I don’t always mean dollar store cheap.  I could have bought a really cheap basket, but I wanted something that she can use and play with for several years until she out grows it;  I also wanted to make sure it was durable and not going to fall apart in 3 seconds.  Dan and I also wanted to get her a pair of rubber boots, but couldn’t find any locally that were reasonably priced.  So we went to Amazon, waded through lots of reviews and finally picked a pair.  So without further ado, here’s my list of country toddler Easter basket ideas.

  1. My 1st Radio Flyer Wagon (affiliate link).  We finally got this in the other day and Dan put it together and we both really like it.  The only downside is that the handle and wheels are plastic; I think we will be able to easily replace those if necessary though.
  2. Norty Toddler Boots (affiliate link)
  3. Used books.  I recently picked up 10 boxes of used books for $40!  After going through them we found quite a few spring themed books that will be great in her basket.  When looking for used books, be sure and check out online Facebook groups as well as local thrift stores.Toddler Easter Basket Ideas - This Country Home
  4. Hair ties and bows.
  5. Small stuffed animal.   She doesn’t really need another stuffed animal . . .but it was a cute little cow for only $1, I found hers at our local grocery store.
  6. Water bottle.  I scored a great deal on this double insulated metal water bottle.  It was 75% of its normal price!  I always check out the clearance sections of any stores I go in.
  7. Seeds.  I picked up several packets of flower seeds so that she can help in the garden this year.
  8. Necklace. I picked up a set of mardi-gras style necklaces.  She sure loves playing with her jewelry!
  9. Snacks.  I found Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies to keep with the Easter theme!  I also got her a box of animal crackers. (some of these will also go in her eggs)
  10. Chocolate.  So, I’m not going 100% candy-less.  I did get a few chocolate bars.  I went with the basic Hershey bar because (at the time of this writing) they aren’t processed with nuts, which means that we can instill the parent tax without worry about me having a reaction!
  11. Socks.  Because you can never have to many socks!


Do you have any toddler Easter basket ideas you’d like to add?

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas - This Country Home







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  1. An inspiring Easter Basket full of fun ideas!

  2. An inspiring Easter Basket full of fun ideas!

    1. Thank you so much! I love putting together gift baskets, they are always so fun!

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