5 Reasons to Switch to a French Press

5 Reasons to Switch to a French Press - This Country Home

Years ago we had an automatic coffee maker. And it was easy, just put a coffee filter in, add ground coffee, put your water in the tank then press start. Heck, we could even set a timer on the thing. It worked well for us through several moves, but during our last move, we buried it in storage and when we got in to our house, it was way to buried to get out right away. So, we went to the store, saw the price of coffee makers and promptly starting looking for alternatives. We picked up our first French press for less than $20. We figured that was a pretty good deal since we’d be switching back to the ‘ole automatic as soon as we could find it. Then, we started using our new press – I mean really using it and needless to say, that ‘ole automatic coffee maker never came out of storage! Want to know why we never switched back? Read on to find out our reasons to switch to a French press.

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5 Reasons to Switch to a French Press - This Country Home

5 Reasons to Switch to a French Press + a Bonus!

Easy to Clean.

Automatic coffee makers are gross and there are a ton of areas that need to be thoroughly cleaned. I looked into getting a Keurig shortly after they came out, until I saw an article talking about how dirty the lines can get because there is always water in them. I don’t know how much research had been put in to the article, but I know if I use a plastic water bottle and it sits in a hot spot, the water gets yucky real quick. So I can see how a Keurig sitting on a hot counter in the mid afternoon sun might heat up like my water bottle. With a French press, you have a limited number of parts to clean. All of which can be quickly taken apart, dropped in a hot sink and washed. I can say with complete confidence, our coffee maker is cleaned 100% every single day. I wouldn’t be so confident to say that about an automatic coffee maker.

Less Waste

From filters, to disposable coffee pods it is alarming how much coffee related paraphernalia our society throws away! With the press, the only by-product is the coffee and the original coffee container (which you can re-use – check out my previous article!).

Easy to compost

With a French press, there’s no questioning whether or not bleached coffee filters are safe to compost. There’s no time-consuming task of cleaning out little disposable pods. There’s simply pouring the used coffee grounds into a sink strainer when you’re cleaning the whole pot, then dumping that into a bucket (or a used coffee container!).

Better taste

There’s ton’s of articles out there talking about the finer points of drinking coffee from a French press. But the short and sweet version is that you are getting pure coffee without a filter absorbing oils or without an automatic maker adding impurities.


A basic French press will cost you well under $20 whereas with a basic automatic coffee maker will cost right at $20 not including coffee filters. With a Keurig you’ll be looking at a minimum of $50 then at least $5 for a box of 12 coffee pods (yes, you can buy a re-usable pod but that takes me back to my first point). Also by using a French press you’ll save a little electricity if you have a gas-powered stove.

Bonus! Versatility

French presses aren’t just for coffee! You can easily make up a batch of loose leaf tea in them as well! How awesome is that! For those of you that grow your own tea herbs, a French press is perfect for making a batch of garden fresh tea!

You Don’t Have to be a Coffee Master to Use a French Press!

Once you starting re-searching about French presses, you’ll find a lot of info out there: you have to purchase specialty coffee only found at expensive coffee stores during certain times of the year and you have to weigh your coffee beans prior to using them. Don’t let these articles scare you from purchasing a French press. Yes, I’m sure your coffee is going to taste phenomenal if you do these things, but you don’t have to. Most of the time we buy less expensive coffee, that I’m sure the experts would tell us is too finely ground and not the right brand. The experts will also tell you that if you use finely ground coffee you’ll find coffee grounds in your cup, and they aren’t lying. BUT, you can avoid this problem if you press your coffee down slowly. This way, you’ll catch the vast majority of the extra fine grounds in the edges of the metal filters. If any do slip through, they’ll quickly settle at the bottom of your cup and you’ll never notice them. Buy whatever coffee grounds you like, I won’t judge ya! You’ll still get a far superior cup of coffee!

Check out these French press picks!

The 34 ounce Bodum Brazil French Press (affiliate link) is very similar to what we started out with and as you can see it is well under $20. This is a great press to get you started without a lot of initial investment. The only downside to this type of press is the glass. Eventually (by that I mean usually several years down the road) it will break, but luckily they make replacement beakers.

The 34 ounce Kitchen Supreme Complete Bundle (affiliate link) comes with an instruction booklet, a coffee scoop, a stainless steel scoop, and 4 screens. Best of all it has a 5 year warranty. If something ever happens to this coffee maker they will replace it at no cost to the customer.

The 34 ounce Coffee Gator French Press (affiliate link) has awesome reviews and is most definitely the best rated coffee press out of all 4 that I looked at. It is made out of stainless steel which makes it great for the outdoor lifestyle.

The Stanley Classic French Press (affiliate link) is an impressive 45 ounces and because its Stanley, you know it’s gonna be tough. It is naturally BPA free and won’t rust. This rugged press is great to take camping or on any outdoor adventure.

What’s your go to coffee maker?

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use a French Press- This Country Home

8 Replies to “5 Reasons to Switch to a French Press”

  1. I had never considered a French Press Coffee/Tea maker, but you have presented some pretty compelling reasons to switch. Our friends use their French Press for tea, and I had not seen that use before. If I were to choose one to try, it would probably be the Stanley one as I like the insulated feature.

    1. We love ours. We will be upgrading to one of the metal ones but aren’t sure which of the two brands we want, Dan also likes the Stanley-its also a little bigger. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Good post!

  3. These are great reasons to switch! I use a keurig but we switched to the newer version that doesn’t have the tank inside. I read an article about the one with the internal tank you can’t clean and yuck! I am curious to try coffee from a French press now that I’m a daily coffee drinker. 🙂

    1. I didn’t realize the kuerigs now have an external tank. Anything that you can’t thoroughly clean freaks me out a little now, so that was a big draw for me. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but my husband drinks it daily we LOVE ours! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. We used to use a french press all the time. We still use it if we’re making several cups of coffee. But when we down sized yet again, we switched to the Aero Press! It’s like an espresso version of the French Press, but we use it kind of like you would a French Press. I love pressing the coffee through the filter because I don’t like grit in the bottom of my cup. When you have time for the bother, the Aero Press does make a very delightful latte though!

    1. Sometimes there is a little bit of grit in the French press, Dan doesn’t mind it though. Your Aero press sounds fancy-those lattes sound wonderful! It’s usually all I can do though to drink a cup of tea in a timely fashion (& by timely I mean like 4 hours-take a drink, put the cup down, forget it for an hour, reheat, take a drink, get distracted by the toddler, find it in the bathroom, reheat, etc, etc 😂! Thanks for stopping by!

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