Gardening in Colorado Spring 2018

Gardening in Colorado Spring 2018 - This Country Home

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m sure y’all have been wondering what I’ve been up to. Truth of the matter is, I spent 3/4 of last week sick, which put a bit of a damper on the gardening plans. We’ve made up for it this week in a big way though! It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the garden, so I thought I’d update you. When I last talked about our garden in this earlier post we were still in the planning and preparation stages. I think we’ve made a little bit of progress in spite of the fact that we are after all spring gardening in Colorado!

Spring in Colorado can be a little crazy weather wise. From March on the wind can be horrendous at times, which can severely dry everything out-good if we had a wet year, not so good if it was dry. There’s also years when we warm up a lot in early spring and everything thinks it’s time to grow. Then . . . May comes along and it gets really cold and freezes EVERYTHING. I always hesitate to put any of tomatoes or peppers out before Memorial day weekend. A few years back we had a hard freeze on May 30th and the hay-field sprinklers all froze-made for a pretty picture, but we didn’t get much fruit that year.

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Gardening in Colorado Spring 2018 - This Country Home

Spring 2018 Garden Update

Since early April we’ve completely finished the fence and chicken wired it. In the beginning we had several chickens fly over. We figured that they were most likely hopping up on something and jumping in from there as my girls are too heavy to do a lot of flying. Whatever it was they were using to hop up must have been moved, because it’s been several weeks since we’ve caught one in the garden. We also had 1 squirrel run in when the gate what open, he got stuck and couldn’t figure out how to climb the fence so we ran him out (he won’t be so lucky next time). I’m definitely very happy with our fence so far as it’s far nicer than anything we’ve ever had.

Garden Beds Early May 2018

We have a total of 13 boxes/tires. We’ve moved our 4 biggest boxes and last week Dan filled each with an average of 16 wheelbarrow-fulls of dirt/compost/manure. We’ve also set the remaining boxes and will be filling them this weekend. We would like to have all everything moved and set this year but aren’t yet sure if we’ll be able to plant all of them due to the drought.

I built a rock lined in-ground herb garden and am starting to fill it with herbs.

We re-homed our lilac. When we added on to the chicken pen last year, it ended up inside the fence, so this year we moved it. It must be happy to, cause it’s finally blooming!

We’ve planted 3 raspberries so far.

Gardening in Colorado Spring 2018 - This Country Home
Little Miss is quite the little helper in the garden!

We transplanted 2 blackberries from my late Grandfather-in-law’s garden.

Gardening in Colorado Spring 2018 - This Country Home
New growth on the old blackberry.

I planted 1 rhubarb that I purchased from a neighbor.

I also planted seeds in 1 of the finished boxes. I’m trying to follow companion planting guidelines and am keeping separated anything that won’t do well together. If you’re interested in learning more about companion planting, I recommend you check out the book, Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte. (affiliate link)

There are 12 different kinds of veggies in this bed. On the next beds, I think we will wait to mulch until after the seeds come up.

2018 Plants

I’m very excited about what we’ve planted so far!

  • 2 unknown Blackberries
  • 2 Heritage Red Raspberries
  • 1 Fall Gold Yellow Raspberry
  • 1 unknown Rhubarb
  • Mojito Mint
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Yarrow
  • English Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Pineapple Sage
  • Tri Color Sage
  • Bee Balm

Seeds planted:

  • Crimson Giant Radish*
  • Cosmic Purple Carrots
  • Garden King Hybrid Carrots*
  • Musclum Lettuce
  • Simpson Elite Lettuce*
  • Iceberg Lettuce*
  • Bloomsdale Spinach
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Scarlett Kale
  • Dwarf Blue Kale
  • Common Sage*
  • Sweet Marjoram*
  • Echinacea
  • True Lavender*
  • Oregano*
  • Extra Curled Dwarf Parsley*
  • Edible Flower Mix
  • Cosmos*

*Starred were all REALLY old seeds, I’m not expecting a good germination rate so I planted very heavy*

To be Planted:

  • 8 Striped Roma Tomatoes** (started from seed)
  • 4 Beefsteak Tomatoes** (started from seed)
  • 4 Cherry Tomatoes + 1 hanging basket with 4** (started from seed)
  • 1 Purple Cherokee Tomato**
  • 3 California Wonder Green Bell Peppers** (started from seed)
  • 4 Purple Beauty Sweet Peppers**
  • Yellow California Wonder Bell Peppers**
  • 3 Jalapeno**
  • 4 Anaheim Chilis**
  • 20 Ft Laramie Strawberries

**All tomatoes and peppers will be planted Memorial Day weekend since I’m nervous we might freeze before then**

Upcoming Plans

This weekend we’ll be planting our strawberry bed. I’m planning in mixing a few chive seeds based on this advice I read from Kelly over at Gently Sustainable. I also want to plant some peas and bush beans this weekend. We’ll also be making another trip to the greenhouse for another Fall Gold Raspberry and possibly a couple more Heritage Reds. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to plant any other seed varieties based on our current drought conditions. Maybe some zucchini, butternut squash and maybe just maybe cantaloupe. One of our goals this year is to really focusing on keeping the garden pretty simple so we don’t get overwhelmed like we have in years past.

Garden Beds as of Mid May 2018 - This Country Home
Garden as of Mid-May 2018

What have you planted this year?


4 Replies to “Gardening in Colorado Spring 2018”

  1. I’ve always wanted to start a garden! This is making me want to go out and do it!

    1. Oh you should, even if it’s only a little container garden! It’s so therapeutic… & you get fresh veggies too 😁 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Our strawberry plants spread and new runners/plants have been moved to another bed. We are harvesting some small sweet strawberries. Some of the original plants were from our daughter’s garden, and others came from a local nursery. The sow bugs/or pill bugs are a problem. The parsley that came up volunteer in a front flower bed has been replanted in a back planter near the kitchen. I just go and cut what I need. The mint is growing like crazy and I pick bouquets just to smell them. I bought a pot of basil and it is now planted in the back planter, but is growing so slowly I will need to get more as I enjoy cooking with it.

    1. I LOVE your strawberry jam! I’m so excited for our strawberries, & making some jam! Bugs can be a problem for us as well, especially the grasshoppers! I’ve started some extracts with my mint. I have a Mojito mint vodka extract that should be ready in a few weeks & once my chocolate mint gets a little bigger I think I will make a mint rum extract. I haven’t gotten any basil yet, I may plant some seeds in amongst the tomatoes since they like each other. I’m so glad you stopped by today!

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