25 Food Ideas for a Fishing Trip

25 Food Ideas For Your Next Fishing Trip - This Country Home

I love food.  In fact my love for food borders on the slightly obsessive.  My family will never have to worry about starving to death.  This is especially true for any trips we take or places we go.  Pack a lunch they say.  Heck why pack a measly little lunch when you can pack a small grocery store!  This being said, over the years  I’ve discovered some foods are easier to take places than others.  So I decided to create a list of food ideas for a fishing trip.

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25 Food Ideas For Your Next Fishing Trip - This Country Home

The key with many of these foods is preparation.  Wash all your veggies, slice tomatoes, cut up and package melons, etc., because odds are you won’t have a sink wherever you’ll be fishing.  Admittedly, if we’re going fishing and running short on time, we will stop and pick up a pre-made sandwich from our store, but in all honesty, they just aren’t as good.  You can make you’re sandwiches at home but if you put the tomatoes and condiments on, be prepared for a soggy sandwich when it’s time to eat.  To avoid the sogginess, I usually assemble when we’re ready to eat.  It doesn’t take to long especially if you get an assembly line going.  I try to prepare a lot of the food we take because it saves us money.  You pay the same for a whole watermelon that can serve at least 15 people as for a tiny 1/2 pound bit of pre-packaged fruit!

You also see that a lot of these foods require a cooler.  We have a nice hard sided rolling cooler for the day trips (or night trips if you’re like us and go cat fishing).  For short fishing trips we have a backpack cooler similar to this one (affiliate link).  Of course anytime you take food fishing, it’s a good idea to take some silverware, paper plates, paper towels, a few gallon bags and some empty grocery bags.  I also like to take along a sharp knife because you never know when you might need it.

Food Ideas for a Fishing Trip

  1. Bread
  2.  Lunch meat
  3. Cheese – we buy cheese by the brick so I slice it before we go and only take what we need
  4. Lettuce – wash, cut, wrap in a paper towel and put in a separate bag
  5. Tomatoes – slice and bag
  6. Condiments – if you do a lot of fishing you may want to keep some smaller bottles in your fridge so they don’t take up so much cooler space.
  7. Chips
  8. Cookies
  9. Crackers
  10. Cheese for the crackers – I really like port wine cheese
  11. Summer Sausage – we like to take and have with our cheese and crackers
  12. Jerky
  13. Protein Bars
  14. Apples – if you’re wanting them cut but don’t want them to brown add a little lemon juice to the cut apples and, making sure all cut sides have lemon juice
  15. Oranges
  16. Grapes
  17. Cherries
  18. Melons – Wash, cut and package *See below for my food safety tip regarding melons.
  19. Sunflower Seeds
  20. Yogurt or Yogurt Drinks
  21. Leftover Cold Chicken
  22. Potato Salad
  23. Macaroni Salad
  24. Water – Lots and lots of water we generally take at least an extra gallon
  25. Sports Drinks – if you’re fishing out in the hot sun I definitely recommend keeping a few bottles on hand just in case you have someone who gets a little dehydrated

*A very important food safety note on melons.  They can carry Listeria on their surface, so before you go to cutting up a melon make sure you wash it under running water.  As you’re washing take a vegetable scrubber and scrub the entire surface of the melon.  The scrubbing agitates any Listeria and it will release from the skin of the melon and wash down the sink.  If you don’t scrub melons and just go to cutting them open, any Listeria that may be on the surface will be transported to the inside of the melon on your knife blade.

That’s it! Those are about all the foods we take fishing with us on a regular basis. What are your food ideas for a fishing trip?


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