About the Author

Hi there! 

My name is Jessie and I am a country wife and mama living in rural Colorado.  My husband, Daniel, is my best friend and soul mate, we have been on this crazy adventure together for 11 years.  Our daughter is my inspiration for many of the things I do and my reason for starting this blog.   I want to give her a childhood filled with adventure.  I want her to know where her food comes from and that it doesn’t come in a package or box.  I want to teach her how to be self sufficient, to grow a garden, to hunt, cook a homemade meal and the value of handmade things.  I want her to know that playtime doesn’t mean sitting in front of a tv or phone, it means getting outside, getting a little dirty and using her imagination.

The Adventure Begins

I was born at home on a 100 year old homestead in rural Montana.  My childhood was spent gardening, raising animals, helping my mom at the farmer’s market, and of course playing – in the dirt, mud, snow, chicken pen, river, pond – you get the picture!  After we moved to Colorado I raised 4-H steers, learning the value of hard work and that the things you grow yourself really do taste a little better! My childhood instilled in me a love for the rural life and a yearning to continue this tradition.

I met my husband in high school.  He asked me to prom our junior year and we’ve been inseparable since.  Three moves, a wedding, purchasing our home and a baby later we’ve found that living the good life isn’t about having the nicest car or the biggest house.  It’s about having a roof over your head, a full woodpile, meat in the freezer, canned goods in the pantry, a homemade meal on the table and family by your side.

Whether you are already living the country life or just getting started, thank you for stopping by.  I invite you to stay a while, enjoy a cup of tea or freshly ground coffee and find a little inspiration for your own country adventure!